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A family company AJA – LINA d.o.o. was established in 1990 with the goal to make TOYS and EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS. The company started making and selling educational products on the Slovenian market. In 1996 we expanded our production to soft play toys and pillows. From 1999 the company is marketing its products also in the Croatian and German market.

AJA-LINA d.o.o. has become an important provider of educational products, toys and play toys in Slovenia. We focus on business excellence and new ideas. The society keeps forgetting that children are our biggest treasure. We are aware of that and we make toys from various materials which are nature friendly and children friendly. This way we provide comfortable living and playing to children.

GOOD toys

We make GOOD toys, educational products and soft play toys. Regarding development as well as turnover we are an important player in Slovenia for production, design and marketing of toys, educational products and soft play toys. Educational products are the result of our own research, design and production. We are very proud of our products which have won a number of awards and prizes. Our products are used in kindergartens, schools, institutions, hotels and shopping centres. We are the only Slovenian manufacturer with our own brand (AJA-LINA). Our mission is to prepare, design and manufacture the product professionally. We consider all standards for a particular age period from physical as well as mental aspect. We provide quality manufactured products with carefully chosen materials, which are technically perfect and stimulate creativity. AJA – LINA d.o.o. is a female company, all employees are creative and each one gives her signature to the product and to the brand.

We offer the following programs:

  • Manufacturing and marketing of educational products (puzzles, mind games, math tiles).
  • Design and manufacturing of soft products.
  • Manufacturing and marketing of toys.
  • Manufacturing and marketing of soft play toys.
  • Manufacturing of sofas and armchairs for children rooms.
  • Manufacturing of various balls and pillows for sitting.
  • Manufacturing of play pools with play balls for individual and group use.